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    Periods time is not only hard for women but also for man in so many ways. Watch this cat & mouse fight between a couple during THAT TIME OF THE MONTH.
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    1. Awesome Machi

      Hey Awesome Machi fam, Use the Code - AM10 while purchasing. To order your customized Nua Plan click here - Get up to 33% off + EXTRA 10% OFF using our code AM10. Please use this link only to avail the discount.

      1. Forest Aarav

        @Darren Konnor Whoa! It took roughly 20 minutes but it worked!

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        Side la business panringalae da😑

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        Kadhal distance poduga segram

      5. Creative Artists

    2. Kingsly Magdalin

      Annaaaa .......Super 🥰🥰🥰

    3. fedoracore321

      It is better to life in a corner of a roof than the with nagging wife...

    4. Timo Abraham

      Rendu adi ah potu ukaara vaikratha vituputtu 😑😑😑



    6. anzil as

      Because of the girls over acting now im scared to get married 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 for me peace is everything 😅😅😅😅

    7. RTS rts

      Iva peru pondati a ilatha pulithi a

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    9. Saru Latha

      Her voice tone👌cute❤️

    10. vijay kumar

      Wow wow awesome scene 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 paavam seba

    11. emerald garnet

      Ellam ponnungal period time ler ippidhi than pyscho banshee maruvingala 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ Adhan ponnungaler during period stereotype panithanger, avenger ratchasi ah maruvanger illathina oru moody cry baby maruvanger. No one period symptoms are same from one women to another let alone one period month to another...pain is what makes a women irritated that’s all if it was a pain free period they will just carryon silently. A big applause for bringing this awareness of once upon a time was a taboo subject. Good on you Awesome Machi apart from product promo. Please also bring some awareness on menopause, because our mums will undergo this & they were born in a different era where they suffer silently as it is still considered as a taboo subject with non understanding spouse or kids. Lots of 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾 to Awesome Machi channel..

    12. Pichaiyammal Anbu

      All men's should be understand women's period

    13. Diane Gigante

      love it

    14. Suryaa sudhan

      Aaah.....Andha ammava knjm kammiya katha solungappa......kaadhu javvu kiliyuthu

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    16. Geetha Rani

      Bro unga acting Vera level..Ella episodes layum real ah act panringa all the best bro

    17. Vimal Xavier

      Bro i am aslo hr we never do like this

    18. Priyadharshini R

      Some men r like seba but some r irritating.. They even understand the girls pain in periods too ...

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    20. tnpsc pottu pattasu learn_daily

      Best advertisement pad company..good strategy.

    21. Monika S

      This nua pd is trending in all videos. And it's very useful

    22. TJ

      Indha girl character over acting panra....

    23. ANAND

      Super brother adipwolii

    24. சில கால நினைவுகள் Tv

      6:10 பொண்டாட்டி திட்டும் போது புருஷன் இப்படி இருந்த மட்டும் தான் சண்ட வராது உண்மை தானே ஃப்ரெண்ட்ஸ் 👍👍

    25. சில கால நினைவுகள் Tv

      போய் போய் என் அப்பனே சொல்லனும் உன்ன கல்யாணம் பண்ணி வச்சுட்டான் 😂😂 அந்த ஆளுக்கு என்ன உன்ன என் தலையில கட்டி வச்சுட்டு ஜாலியா இருக்கான் 👍👍👍

    26. Mannaji Rao


    27. Maha lakshmi

      Seriously awesome..😂

    28. Aryas Tricks and Talks

      How many of u r watching dis during periods day1🙄

    29. suganya Josef

      Idhu enna indha ponnu ipdi kathudhu

    30. Arumugam Sivagami

      Sister maximum avlo fees agu pls solluga na try pandra

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      Regular ah en mama tha napkins vanki tharuvaru

    32. God's love

      Very good advertisement

    33. Tulasi kannan

      6.14 superb saba

    34. Guga priya .A

      Heroine overacting maari therithu

    35. Indhumathi M P

      Akka neenga suntvla anchoring panveenga thana🤩

    36. Ganeshkumar Er

      Single life than jolly 😇

      1. Jimin Park

        There is this boy in school whom every girl has a crush on ( not me ) and he likes a girl who is not into him 😂😂😂😂 and I came to know that this dumbass is my cousin last year 😖😖😖 but he is scared of me because I can tell his mom 😏😏😏😏 he is dead meat so many boys are scared of me 😏😏😏😏 they won't dare to😊😊😊

      2. Jimin Park

        @Ganeshkumar Er I will never let that happen😎

      3. Jimin Park

        Actually I have a korea boyfriend but he he does he does not know that I exist😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

      4. Ganeshkumar Er

        @Jimin Park single ah irrukuga inemey... Time passing use pannuvaga 😰

      5. Jimin Park

        True I have rejected 3 boys 😧😧😧😧😧😩😩

    37. Grace Mary

      Moratt single seba namma role model 🤪

    38. Naseemabanu

      Super akka and annaa from Karnataka India 🔥🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🎉🎉💫🇮🇳

    39. Akshayaa Praveen

      Nadu raathiri 6 mani 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    40. Crushly_ Safu

      Pujithaa roll and expression vera11

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      Na anubavika poren Anna.. 🥺

      1. poojasri

        Na kadaichadhuku ni lucky da

      2. poojasri

        Hey enna unnaku

      3. Jebaraj Jebaraj

        Mm ama enna pannanu therila

      4. Bathma Bathma s

        Ama jeba Raj Enna pavam senjanganu theriyala ☹️

      5. Bathma Bathma s


    42. M A N I S H

      Sabaa voice -------- headset😬😬😬🙄🙄🙄

    43. Refi Shaz

      She is very rude

    44. Vinoshini Ramachandran

      Is the any sisters talk about periods with their brothers 🤔🤔🤔

      1. Vinoshini Ramachandran

        @Pritham mostly it's happen in tamil family

      2. Pritham


    45. pushpa dhanuskodi

      Watching only for seba and that girl is over acting....

    46. Rujah poetess

      Kadavule.. Intha pona katitu avan saahatha kurai.. En purushan ku intha pona Kati vachu irukanum kolaye nadanthu irukum..

    47. Thiruchelwam Vyshnavi

      Ipdillam lover kedaikka koduthu vaichurukkanummm... Last few seconds❤

    48. dulazzz kaariyam

      aanalum intha akka over ah than kathuthuthu....

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      Who are all waiting for kadhal distancing ❤❤ season 2

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      Eppo kadhal distancing season 2 will come?

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      Create an video for engineers day

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      Hero acting spr....

    53. commenter

      Bro where is kadhal distancing waiting eagerly for next episode

    54. Jeshu's Boutique

      Voice of Female lead 😆😁

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      ஐயோ போன வெச்சுட்டா நம்ம கிளம்பிடுவோம் escape moment hahhahahah

    56. sangeetha Kutty

      I like seba ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    59. Miruthulak Khabeernal .

    60. Balaji

      The longest napkin advertisement..

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      Seba ungala tha Nan theditu irundhen apdiyee Priya vayum kootitu vandhurunga unga combo kaga tha waiting

    62. jilka007

      Full episode just for an ad...

      1. kavya krishna

        Yesssssssssssssssssssss u r right

    63. Nive Cnc

      Mudriya konjam🤣

    64. Aakansha garg

    65. Sreenidhi

      I hate the girl's speaking tone....I just hate it ..over acting

    66. murali krishnan

      oru valiyaa seba voda pondati charactor ah kateeetinga ... ha ha

    67. Param Param

      Periods are not a reason to torture the males at home by being nasty. It is a natural phenomenon. Some women may make use periods as an excuse to treat people around them inappropriately. If it is true that this is the way women are during their periods then it is best to quarantine them during their periods.

      1. Ramesh Vasu

        Kinda true though

    68. Aarthi sekar

      Sebastian semaa.. andha ponu gandu akudhu.. padhi kuda paka mudila. Next time select good female lead guys ✋🙏

    69. Error


    70. Mithraa R.G.

      Akka I know u will come to vanakam tamila

    71. Vijaya Bharathi

      Girl is doing lot of over acting🤢


      Avasara pattiye saba😂😂😂😂😂😂

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      That Girl is over acting... Seba doing is best.. Nice

    74. Priya Dharsini

      Cute couple fights😍😍

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      Actually this is too much...pavam antha bro

    76. akila muthu


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      Most dissapointed video ponnu over acting 😂

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      Ennada .. Watch this video dha you will like. For telugu known people 🥳🥳

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      Andha Ippa Yethuku enkita sollura ultimate

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      Seba oru matured actor ya.....Pair ah nalla natural ah nadika therinja pona podunga ....

    82. Rahul Murali

      Seba 👍perfect. Wife 🥴🥴overacting

    83. Judy Moody

      periods has NEVER been a problem for men stop exaggerating

    84. Joy Jercy

      HR ... Hello HR.. no one ll address HR as HR 😂😂😂😂 but nallaaa thaan irukku ...

    85. In Real Life we face

    86. Geethanjali T

      #boycott Bollywood completely #JUSTICE for sushanth

    87. Vandu Murugan

      Hi I have two female husband don't even ask my pain it's move on like this, but I never mind about it,I have to run for my kids

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      You could have kept the title as Nuo Pads.

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