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    Anyone can dream at any point in their life. There's no one and nothing can stop you from that. Keep doing what you love ❤️
    We here present you all the 2nd episode #Kanavu of our brand New Web series #MomAndMe - a beautiful love story between a Mom and her Daughter, presented by Asian Paints.
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    1. Awesome Machi

      Makkaley!!! Second Episode Eppadi Irukku ? Give a missed call on 80504 80504 to contact Asian Paints Safe Painting Service. Know more here: #MomAndMe​ #WebSeries​ #AwesomeMachi

      1. Dead_Night

        @vasanthaa ❤️

      2. Dead_Night

        @vasanthaa ❤️


        #MomAndMe 1) thalapathy 2)malligaikadai 3)Disney movies

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      5. MuThu Editz

        Asian paint mattum sponser pannalana nalla irunthurkum

    2. Ranjani Rakesh

      I love my mom more after seeing this series thanks Jo and kavya

    3. Shivanee Sree


    4. Balamurugan Vel Tech, Chennai

      Who is mother who is daughter here.

    5. Thulasika X-D Rajan

      intha mathiri Amma kedacha yanga ponnuga kasta pada poranga

    6. Jeevika G

      Wow very nice

    7. Parthiban s

      2020 varaikkum Nazriya fan's club member But 1.when everyone has a crush on your girlfriend 2.kadhalikkiren music video 3.i hate you I love you-password and me 5.when 90's kid Loves a 2k kid to impress Sanjana 7.if mom is your best friend 8.theera Ulla Endha videos Ella pathadhukku appuram naa Sanjana fan's club leader 😎

    8. Lakshmi Lachu

      Nanum yen mamiyar um epdi tha erupom

    9. Rathna Ulaganathan

      Enn amma kooda naanum eppude than friend mathere pazhuguvan name solli than koppuvan

    10. Sindhuja Dhakshith

      Enaku Amma illa.but enoda ponuku na Nala friend a irupa. I love my daughter ❤️❤️❤️

    11. Hari Sree

      Addicted to ur channel ....😌 Friends marri pazakuringa😌😌

    12. Anglin Solaman C

      Subscribed 🔥❣️from kerala


      Thalapathy uyir❤️

    14. cute baby girl_kiyu

    15. Geetha Subramanian

      Durga is an evergreen wonderful actress. Both r made for each other.superb understanding between mom and daughter. A very nice web series.

    16. Magesh Prasanth

      Semaya irukuuuuuuuuuu

    17. Sam David

      My mom ipdi than but na peru solli koopda all same 😍

    18. avanthi reddy

      #momandme 1)thalapathy vijay 2) bank 3) animated movies

    19. Fathahiya Media

      1.Thalapathy vijay 2.Bank 3.Animated movies

    20. Velumani Surendran


    21. Ammu.y

      1.Joseph vijay chadrashekar 3.animation movies Loves Sanjana❤️

    22. s subashini

      1. ThaLapaThy Vijay 2.BaNk 3.DisneY mOviEs

    23. aynul afrin

      1)Thalapathy 2)Bank 3)Animated movies

    24. loganathan logu

      They are like a sisters.. # MYSIS & ME #MOM&ME contest 1.Thalapathy VIJAY 2. Bank 3.Cartoon movies

    25. R chithravalli

      Wow what a dialogue. Everyone has dream. Even their loved one is not recognising that. Being there for our loved ones success is a blessing

    26. Jayavarshini .S Vlll B roll no.12

      Episode 3 contest yeppa jo

    27. Hari Sudhan

      #MOMANDME 1.Thalapathyyy 🔥🔥🔥 2. Bank 3. Disney movies

    28. mahesh varan

      #momandme 1.Ilayathalapathy Joseph vijay 2. Bank 3.Disney movies and animations

    29. Marinett MD

      #Mom&Me Answers: 1. Jo is a Thalapathy fan😎 and me too🔥🙌 2.They had returned from Ooty at the beginning. 3.Kavya loves to watch Animated movies❤ and I love to watch Mom&Me series❤

    30. asha benazir

      Answers #MomAndMe 1. Thalapathy vijay 2.from bank 3.disney animated movies ❤️❤️

    31. Kavin Lavanya

      1: thalapathy 2:bank 3:Disney movie

    32. hari priya

      Mom & me epdisode 2 1. Jo is a thalapathy vijay fan 2. Jo returns from bank 3.khavya likes disney movies(animated movies)

    33. K Swetha

      1.vijay 2.ooty 3.animation movies or Disney....

    34. Paranthman Shanthi

      #momandme hastag 1. Jo fans is thalapathy 2. From chennai

    35. SquadSmash Gaming

      #Momandme Answers: 1) Thalapathy Vijay 2) from bank 3) Disney movies

    36. 137_Keerthana.K

      1.Vijay fan 2.ooty 3.animated

    37. Tasneem Fatimah

      #answersofmomandme 1 Jo was a huge fan of talapathy ( vijay) 2 Jo came from bank. 3. Kavya loves animation movies especially ( Disney). Pls like ☺️

    38. Thenmozhi Rajan

      #momandme 1. Vijay sir 2. Bank 3. Disney animated movies Will I get??? The prize

    39. Poojaa S K

      1. Thalapathy fan 2. Jo came back from bank 3. Animation movies especially disney movies Do like if you are a mom and me fan #Momandme

    40. Art Webber

      #mom and me 1)Thalabathy vijay sir 2)Bank 3)Disney animated movies Edit: pls like if u are a fan of jo and kavya🙏

    41. kala lakshman

      1.Vijay fan 2.from Ooty 3.Animation/Disney Movies

    42. RenugaDevi Kaliyappan

      Thalapathy Bank Disney movies

    43. Insta Daires

      1. Cooking 2. Ooty 3. Animation . These are the answers of today's questions

    44. saatvika

      #momandme 1. Thalapathy🤩 2. Bank 3. Animated movies 🤍


      Thalapathy vijay Bank Animation movies

    46. Paranthman Shanthi

      Answer: 2 from chenni

    47. Sumi doodle

      Loved the series.. 💓💓😘

    48. Sumi doodle

      Jo is thalapathy fan Jo returned from bank Kavya loves to see animated, Disney movies

    49. Paranthman Shanthi

      Answer : jo is thalapathy fan

    50. god is good all the time

      1.who's Fan JO? Kavya 2.where does JO Return From At The Beginning? Ooty 3.What Kind of movies Does Kavya watch ? Ghilli

    51. simple craft ideas

      #momandme vijay #momandme bank #momandme Disney movies Please like everyone

    52. liyakath ali

      1. Vijay 2. House 3. Disney movies

    53. Keziah Blessy

      Answers 1.Jo is thalapathy fan 2. jo comes from bank 3.kavya likes animation movies

    54. vishnu rider

      #momandme 1- thalapathy vijay 2:- bank 3- Disney movies

    55. SPD channel

      # mom and me answer: 1st jo is vijay fan 2nd jo comes from bank 3rd kaviya like Disney Please hit a like

    56. Mufliha BaCker

      #momandme Vijay fan Bank Disney films

    57. achu archanaa15

      #momandme Ans: 1.Thalapathy vijay 2.From the bank. 3.Animation movies ie.Disney movies

    58. B Nivethitha

      1.Thalapathy 2.Bank 3.Animation Movies

    59. Dharshanaa

      1. Thalapathy Vijay 2. From bank 3. Animated movie #momandme

    60. Rachana. M

      #MomAndMe contest 1. Vijay 2. Bank 3. Animated/Disney movies

    61. KAVITHA

      #momandme❤️ Thalapathy fan ,from bank ,Disney movies 😌💯

    62. aishwarya sivasakthivel

      Vijay Bank Animated movies I liked all your comments pls do like my comment #MomandMe

    63. ameer faisal

      Jo is Vijay fan Jo return from bank Kavya like animated movies

    64. Sivakumar S

      U are looking real mom and daughter but super

    65. Fareeda A

      answers for second episode 1 . jo is the fan thalapathy 2. in beginning they came from ooty to chennai , then stayed in jo "s friend house. 3. animation movies # mom and me

    66. Vidhya Lakshmi

      #momandme answers episode: 2 1. Jo is Thalapathy ❤️fan😍 2. From bank😀🔥🎉 3. Kavya loves Disney movie❤️🔥

    67. tksmsulaimon sait

      Answers of #momandme Thalapathy Vijay fan From bank Animation and Disney movies

    68. Lavanya Sivanandham

      #MomAndMe 1.Thalapathy vijay 2.From bank 3.Disney movies

    69. Hitesh BV

      Mom And Me Contest Answers 1 )Thalaphathy Vijay's Fan 2 )Ooty 3 )Disney and Animated Kids Movies.

    70. Lovidha P.B is vijay fan 2. Jo comes from bank 3. Kavya sees animated or Disney movies #momandme #kanavu #awesomemachi

    71. Harinee s

      # mom and me Answer of Episode 2- kanavu 💭💭 is thalapathy vijay 😎fan returns from the bank 🏦🏧 3.kaviya likes Disney movies 🎥✨💕🎬

    72. Dhivya

      #momnme 1. Vijay thalapathy fan. 2. From Bank 3. Animation Disney movies.

    73. Naziya Naz

      #momandme Answers: 1.vijay❤️🤑 3.disney movies🌺❤️💜

    74. Geetha Theja

      #momandme 1) Fan of THALAPATHY VIJAY😎 2) From BANK🏦 3) Watches DISNEY MOVIES ❤️💫✨

    75. ravichandran thiripruasundari

      # mon and me 1 thalapathy 2 bank 3 animated movies

    76. 8C08 jasmithaa PS

      1. She is fan of llayathalapathy 2.she is coming from 🏦 bank at the beginning 3. She likes Disney movies

    77. Erathna Rayar

      Answers for the contest..2 1)Thalapathy vijay 2)Bank 3)Animation movies

    78. Thirumaniselvan S

      Thalapathy vijay Bank Animated movies #mom and me

    79. ishmath fathima

      #mom and me Answer for 2 episode is vijay fan comes from bank 3.kaviya likes disney movies

    80. Suchithra Sudersanam

      2) #mom and me jo comes from the bank 3) #mom and me Kavya likes Disney movies

    81. Suchithra Sudersanam

      1) #mom and me jo is the fan of vijay

    82. Dhurga Rama

      #momandme 1.Vijay anna 2.Bank 3.Disney movies

    83. Arvind kumar

      #momandme answers - 1) Vijay fan 2) Ooty 3) Anime movies

    84. sowndarya ravi

      #mom and me .thalapathy

    85. Mukthi PAtel

      1.Thalapathy 2.Bank 3.Aminated movies

    86. info 360 tamil

      #momandme 1 vijay 2 bank 3 gilli Like pannnunga nanbargale udangudi gpmuthu fans association

    87. Manimekalai Subramani

      Answers for contest : 1. Thalapathy vijay 2. From bank 3 . disney movies

    88. My Skills

      Thalapathy Vijay From bank Disney movies Explained ;):( D

      1. 12 A k.v.dhanush

        Nice expla for the post

    89. Thomas William

      #MomandMe 1.Thalaphathy- Vijay 2.Bank... 3.Animated Movies😉


      Jo fans like here👇 #Mom_and_me Answers:1)Jo was Vijay's fan 2)Jo came from bank 3)Kavya watch Disney movies

    91. Blessna Edishane

      #momandme 1. Who's Fan Is Jo?? Ans: Thalapathy fan 2. Where Does Jo Return From At The Beginning?? Ans: From bank 3. What Kind Of Movies Does Kaviya Watch?? Ans:Disney Movies

    92. rubhini rajesh

      Answers are 1.thalapathy 3.marvel movie

    93. Ramya Pillai

      1 Thalapathy Vijay 2 Bank 3 animated movies/Disney..

    94. Jashu Edits

      3)romantic movies

    95. Jashu Edits

      2)from ooty

    96. Jashu Edits

      1)her daughter fan is jo

    97. Nitesh kumar

      Today'scontest answers: 1. Jo is fan of thalapathy 2. Kavya comes from bank 3. Kavya watches Disney movies

    98. Manosiga Rengasamy

      1) thalapathy 2) bank 3) gilli

    99. VANI Sowbernika 8018

      #momandme 1.thalapathyvijay 2.from bank 3.animation movies😄 If u like give a like😁

    100. Karthik Nachiappan

      Jo is thalapathy fan Jo returns from ooty Kavya watches Disney movies