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  1. Yghhyyuu Hhj

    Ethula sogam enna na entha mathiri friends life partner 100 percentage la 5 vathukutha aamaiyum 🤔🤣

  2. dhivya dharshini

    The last scene, just felt it...too good!

  3. Ever Top

    I liked this video just because of dil bechara songs

  4. Rajan Hunt

    Best Tamil shot film I ever seen 💕💕 Deeraj hatsoff..

  5. GoQ

    That long hair ,beard friend guy seems to be a malayalee ...Is he ???

  6. Divya Prabha

    Hug fr frnds and their scolding always lifts our moods🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰


    👍 nice

  8. Sathish kumar

    Deii eppo da season 2

  9. Ashok Kumar

    Breaking all stereotypes.....loved it

  10. Sivaramakrishnan V


  11. Hussain Fl

    Awesome Bruh 🔥🖤

  12. MOHAN S

    Mini padam reach big score

  13. siva shankari



    That pubg scene🤣🤣🤣🤣.... Avane yaarum revive pannathu daa...

  15. Radha Krishnan

    Kannan ravi bro 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 entry

  16. Radha Krishnan

    Vera level fun short film one hour ponadhae therila ❣️ ❣️ ❣️ ❣️ ❣️ ❣️

  17. Nostalgia forever

    Mediocre casting, writing, sound and more

  18. Arun Narayanan R

    Superb..Mini Movie

  19. Akalya shanmugam

    Song link yarunga poduva 🙆💁

  20. Shri bavadarani P

    Awesome short film

  21. RamaniC tharan

    Divagar bro wishes from srilanka ❤️🙌🏼 vijay editing pinnitiga and direct sir love you bro ❤️

  22. Natural Farmer - FOOD FOR FUTURE

    Rishi and Praveen

  23. Dencil Surender

    Everything is magical in this movie They pushed every audience inside the movie Such a realistic dialogues frames acting visuals extraordinary loved the work congratulations to the crew and cast members ! 🎖️👍

  24. Vignesh Krishnan

    This movie has all my heart ❤️ beautiful piece of art

  25. Sam Sathish

    Nice climax and twist .......

  26. Sugumaran S

    Bro antha hindi song name enna bro.

  27. Easy Trader

    35:17 what song is this

  28. Akshay Dev

    I like akilan voice so much... I'm dying for it...ahhhhh

  29. Thala Suresh

    Akilan act very nc I like it 😇😇😇

  30. Avani P

    Fantastic stuff! Really enjoyed the movie.. Looking forward to your next project!!

  31. Gayathri Ramachandran

    "Radha Ragasiya", "Anubhavam Pudhumai", "Kaadhalan", "Thoovana Thumbigal", and now "Vizhigalin Aruginil Vaanam" -- Vignesh Srikanth is without doubt the brightest talent in Tamizh cinema. Rock on, bro! Wishing you health and happiness to keep achieveing new heights <3

  32. deepak m

    Nice songs 🖤 unexpected luv proposal 🥴

  33. Hiranmayee Venkat


  34. Shalom 481998

    Simply superbbbbbbb.....

  35. Nandhu G

    Such a fall in good feel, speechless, keep up all credit goes to team work is perfect, good act, etc Thank you for this film 😍

  36. chandra raj

    8 minutes of super feel good.

  37. Aka Sh

    Ennada ivalovu ad semma kudupuagudhu

  38. Thileeban Radhakrishnan

    After CWC🔥😂

  39. Monisha moni

    Wow......Nice one😍

  40. AB Creationz

    Enna idhu !

  41. Abdullah aa

    35.20 sec enna song ithu

    1. Gayathri Ramachandran

      song in the opening credits of varanam aayiram -"Kodai kaala kaatre" from "panneer pushpangal"

    2. Pavithra G 4.30

    3. Abdullah aa

      Pls tell me

  42. Bhuvana Palani

    Romba nalla irundhuchu.. Vizhigalin aruginil vaanam👌

  43. Ishu

    Enada padam ithu onumeh purila..... Elarum romba postive aa super aa iruku athu ithunu comment panirkanganu pathan Aana enaku matum dan konjam bore adikaramari irunthuchu aa🙄🙄

  44. Swarna meena

    Nice film 🍿 enjoyed it 😃

  45. SnehaB subramanian

    Thookam vantale u are altight

  46. subhadra srinivas

    I dont see a point in being melodramatic about this. I mean sure, making ends meet is definitely hard, But it really has nothing to do with being with someone or having a social life. It could be taxing to live in a small house and work more than others to earn less than them, but you can always rise above all those barriers by pushing hard. So, though the cinematography and the nature of this video was good, I couldn't buy how dramatic and melancholic the writers made it sound.

  47. Gopi Nath


  48. Sam Antony

    Yarruya antha comedy pecuuuu😂😂😂😂😂

  49. Angel Angel

    Love it.... cuteness overload 🤩

  50. Ramya Ramya

    Nice ending....💝💝💝

  51. krishnan srinivasan

    I had a nice time watching this film :) I was expecting the title to be linked in some shot somewhere ... but it's just me :) Nice :)

  52. Kishore Kishi

    Where can i get the songs of the film? Please tell @ awesome machi

  53. Sathi Sathu

    இனியன் உங்க வீடியோ எல்லாம் சூப்பர்

  54. Aruna Jayaraman

    For anniversary friends are invited and they stay over night and they sleep in the lounge? 🙄😳 Kodummai. Cud have been a 30th Birthday Party or something. The volume was a bit too low, while it was not difficult to hear, it was not too easy thru just phone speaker. Lovely song choices. The guy sounds a lot like DQ. Not a great impact full 1 hr short, but OK.

  55. abhishek shetty

    Loved it.. great work

  56. Aruna Jayaraman

    35:29, What's the song?

    1. Gayathri Ramachandran

      song in the opening credits of varanam aayiram -"Kodai kaala kaatre" from "panneer pushpangal"

  57. Rahav Sakthi

    Vignesh Srikanth 🔥🤩

  58. Sahaya Nishanth

    Wooow Itz feeel Like Gowtham menon film❤❤❤❤ visiting card kudukra scene soooper 😂😂 soooperb movie ❤❤

  59. Naveen Kumar

    That meditation scene was just awesome.....😂😂kovamey vararthula

  60. cycle Kumar

    When I have this friendship? 😌, I passed half of the days in my life.😊.

  61. Sabari Velan

    Overall Vera lvl ♥️ ... director touch out of standion la erunthuchu keep on doing guys 🔥🔥🔥 like Luv ah ivala Alaga Solalamaa 🤩

  62. Suresh Kumar


  63. Balakrishna Divana

    Deepa is always so sweet

  64. Desu sha

    Simply Mass......

  65. Monika

    Perfect feel good movie.. Loved the ending!!! Puts a smile everytime I watch it❤️

  66. Sahaya Nishanth

    Wooowwww enga flat la e shoot panna moviee 🥰🥰 Sugan homes ❤❤❤

  67. Ajisha b


  68. Keerthana Kumaravel

    Really awesome ❤❤ and the hero 👏 ❤

  69. Ashok Kumar

    Vara Laval bro

  70. Tamil selvan

    GvM to Awesome machi team : R u copied my style???🙄